Reflecting on National Family Caregivers Month

Honoring caregivers across the nation who provide essential care for rare disease patients.
· 10 min read

Optime Care recognized National Family Caregivers Month honoring caregivers across the nation who provide essential care for rare disease patients and individuals with chronic, complex conditions.

Over 53 million family members provide care to a loved one with 20 million becoming new caregivers each year. Optime Care honors and supports caregivers not only during National Family Caregivers Month, but throughout the entire year.

Patients with rare conditions often have extremely complex healthcare issues, making day-to-day care challenging, even for the most dedicated and experienced caregivers. Caregivers for this population are typically family members who can become overwhelmed by their ongoing duties. The entire caregiving experience can be emotional, with many caregivers reporting anxiety or depression in addition to financial strain as they are often forced to give up full-time employment in order to provide the level of continuous care needed.

Optime Care’s specialty pharmacists and care coordinators are dedicated to assisting patients and caregivers throughout the healthcare journey, providing high-level coordinated support services that help ease the pressures of managing the unique challenges associated with caring for an individual living with a rare disease.

Optime Care team members have an unmatched knowledge base and depth of experience with rare diseases to provide exemplary support that addresses not only the physical aspects of a patient's condition, but also the mental burdens that rare diseases place upon patients and their caregivers.

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