American Pharmacists Month - Recognizing Optime Care’s Brandon Salke, Pharm.D., and All Pharmacists Serving the Nation’s Rare Disease Patients

Recognizing specialty pharmacists for their work supporting the rare disease community.
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Aspose.Words.3417d2b1-711b-4941-8458-b6e3cbc0c0b4.006.jpeg Ed Cohen, PharmD, FAPhA, Executive Vice President, Pharmacy Times, Brandon Salke, Pharm.D., General Manager and Pharmacist-in-Charge, Optime Care and Karen Thomas-Smith, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Parata Systems

Reflecting on American Pharmacists Month (APhM) 2022, Optime Care is proud to acknowledge Brandon Salke, Pharm.D., General Manager and Pharmacist-in-Charge and all specialty pharmacists in the nation for their work supporting the rare disease community and patients with complex, chronic conditions.

Brandon was honored last month in the Next-Generation Pharmacist Awards and named Specialty Pharmacist of the Year by Pharmacy Times and Parata Systems. Brandon is well-deserving of the award and was one of 31 finalists selected by a panel of industry experts in a broad range of pharmacy sectors including large chain retailers, independent pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, military bases, health clinics and educational institutions.

As specialty pharmacists, Brandon and other Optime Care team members play an integral role in supporting rare disease patients and those living with complex, chronic conditions throughout their health and treatment journeys. Their knowledge base and depth of experience with rare diseases is unmatched.

Optime Care specialty pharmacists and care coordinators utilize their specialty and rare disease clinical skills to customize patient support programs that optimize clinical outcomes. They provide exemplary support that addresses not only the physical aspects of a patient's condition, but also the mental burdens that rare diseases place upon patients and their caregivers.

With established distribution channels and patient management programs, Optime Care’s specialty pharmacists can create deeper connections, offer more personalized care and enhance clinical outcomes.

While this designated awareness month puts the spotlight on specialty pharmacists, these professionals earn the respect and trust of patients every day of the year.

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