Helping Pharmaceutical Companies Reach and Empower Rare Disease Patients

From Clinical Trials and Pre-Commercialization, to Launch
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The Optime Care team is a “rare find” in their understanding, knowledge and in-depth experience of Rare and Orphan Diseases. Patient care coordinators and pharmacists with extensive expertise in virtually all specialty and rare conditions create deep relationships with patients and enhance communication for optimal compliance and improved clinical outcomes throughout the treatment journey.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies increasingly rely on Optime Care for a positive patient-first experience in the launch of rare and orphan drugs and cell and gene therapies. We create a strong strategic approach powered by analytics, solid distribution channels and comprehensive patient HUB services. With unmatched payer contacts and negotiating expertise, our team optimizes pricing right from the start.

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This collaborative approach and end-to-end solutions are the foundation of partnerships with manufacturers and the successful launch and management of over 40 orphan products and programs. We fully understand that launching therapies for these small populations differ from other therapy areas.

Core services offer manufacturers an integrated single-source model -- a “rarity” for the industry.

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