Optime Care & National Association of Specialty Pharmacy Collaboration

Podcast Series Maps Patient Journey Across Specialty Pharmacy and Healthcare
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Exemplifying the spirit of collaboration and the value of unified messaging to provide education, insights and information for SP stakeholders, Optime Care and the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) have teamed up to develop and distribute a podcast with the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

This initiative is particularly meaningful since it reflects two important industry voices:

Optime Care is a nationally recognized specialty pharmacy, distribution and patient management organization maximizing therapeutic opportunities for the treatment of orphan and rare disorders. Optime Care is a member of The AscellaHealth Family of Companies, comprised of AscellaHealth and subsidiaries Optime Care and Terebellum, a global Healthcare and Specialty Pharmacy solutions organization serving specialty and rare disease patients, payers, life sciences manufacturers and providers with solutions addressing the unmet needs in this dynamic marketplace. A unique patient-first mission and dedication to improved medication access and outcomes are woven throughout integrated end-to-end solutions that span the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle and beyond.

National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) is a leading provider of networking, continuing education, pharmacist certifications and public policy advocacy for specialty pharmacy.

About the Podcast Series

  • Episode 1: Understanding Patient Care Coordination Across the Healthcare Spectrum
  • Episode 2: Optimizing Specialty Pharmacy Health Outcomes
  • Episode 3: Navigating the Patient Journey in Specialty Pharmacy -- from evaluation through treatment
  • Episode 4: How to Improve the Patient Experience and Why it Matters

The series focuses on the patient journey mapping experience across the Specialty Pharmacy (SP) and healthcare spectrum, addressing internal and external factors that impact SP channel and services to the patient. This will include discussion moderated by Michael Baldzicki, chief brand officer at AscellaHealth, about product criteria, price, site of care, clinical management, health plan design, complexity of administration, specialty handling and overall patient compliance and engagement.

“The Specialty patient journey is complex and full of challenges, including rising costs of specialty agents and the emergence of ultra-high-cost specialty agents and cell/gene therapies for rare and orphan diseases,” explains Baldzicki. “This demands more focused management of the high-cost specialty drug patients to ensure compliance and optimize outcomes. By talking to industry leaders, these podcasts will shed light on the best approach for enhancing quality of life for patients from the moment of diagnosis across the entire patient journey.”

Completed podcasts are now available online, and address the nuances of care coordination and the treatment journeys of rare disease patients.

Baldzicki continues, “These podcasts also demonstrate the value of Optime Care’s end-to-end solutions that impact the lives of individuals with rare disease and keep the patient as the central point of focus of everything we do. Our expert call center utilizes technology-based communication tools and algorithms to engage patients, break down barriers to communication and ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes. We are dedicated to providing an enhanced patient experience throughout the healthcare journey.”

Sheila Arquette, president and CEO, NASP, says, "As research into rare diseases and complex conditions accelerates, more specialty medications are available than ever before – from fewer than 30 in the mid-1990s to now more than 300 specialty therapies. "

She explains that these lifesaving and life-changing drugs frequently require special handling, shipping, and storage, involve unique administration routes such as infusions and injections, and require significant patient education and product support services to ensure optimal clinical and cost-effective outcomes.

"Pharmacists are uniquely qualified with experience and training to manage these challenges expertly," continues Arquette. "Rare disease patients consider their pharmacist a knowledgeable educator, helping them understand medication dosage, side effects, and potential drug interactions and are available 24/7 to answer urgent questions or help manage adverse events."

She notes that Specialty Pharmacies serve as an extension of the prescriber’s office, "... with physicians relying on the invaluable assistance provided that ensures medication efficacy and patient safety and adherence to the prescribed treatment regimen."

To learn more about Optime Care’s suite of patient support services, contact businessdevelopment@optimecare.com

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