AscellaHealth Family of Companies Announces Founding Sponsorship: Gene Therapy and Specialty Pharmacy Awareness Month

September 2022: Join us in recognizing industry innovations
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The Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days is published each year by The Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) of the American Hospital Association, serving as a robust planning platform for healthcare marketers, planners and communications and public relations professionals nationwide to improve health status and quality of life in their communities.

In reviewing the calendar, which includes a multitude of disease-specific observances such as Breast Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Months, the AscellaHealth executive team noted the absence of recognition for Gene Therapy and Specialty Pharmacy (SP).

The AscellaHealth Family of Companies, including AscellaHealth and subsidiaries Terebellum and Optime Care, values its position at the fulcrum of these discussions and reaffirmed its leadership position by applying for inclusion and gaining acceptance in the 2022 calendar. This event further advances our role as a steward of information and awareness regarding SP and rare disease medications that are dramatically changing the treatment landscape for millions of people.

September 1–30 | Gene Therapy and Specialty Pharmacy Awareness Month

Gene Therapy and Specialty Pharmacy Awareness Month highlights opportunities for individuals with rare/orphan diseases to access new gene therapies that provide expanded therapeutic options and a potential cure, with specialty medications providing high-cost oral or injectable medications for treating complex chronic conditions.

Now we call upon all business and community stakeholders in the SP care continuum -- life science manufacturers, payers and provider organizations -- to help raise awareness about new and emerging novel therapeutics, report on industry trends and exchange information regarding innovative financial solutions to offset the high costs associated with these treatments.

Share Your Accomplishments

September is the ideal time for your organization to announce its achievements and leverage the calendar spotlight for the industry. Manufacturers and other stakeholders that would like to include their accomplishments in the AscellaHealth monthly newsletter Developments in Specialty Pharmacy or to begin receiving this online publication free of charge, should email This is an opportunity to share accurate information and education for patients, payers, providers and benefits consultants.

There are so many important advances to communicate, with more than 900 investigational new drug applications for ongoing clinical studies of gene therapy products under way and expectations that the FDA will approve 10 to 20 gene therapies in the next year. Furthermore, the availability of 500+ Specialty drugs which currently account for up to 52% of an employer’s total pharmacy spend should generate increased attention from the government, patient groups and the pharmaceutical industry. In time, the gene and cell therapy market is expected to venture beyond targeting only rare conditions, opening the way for even more robust discussions.

Calendar Information The Health Awareness Calendar is free of charge to members of the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) of the American Hospital Association, which serves more than 4,000 members and is the largest organization in the nation devoted to serving the needs of healthcare strategy professionals. The calendar is designed to help plan 2022 community health events, internal and external communications, social media campaigns and more.

Calendars for non-members can be purchased for $35.00. For more information and to join, visit

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