Changing the Face of Market Access and Commercialization

AscellaHealth Family of Companies brings integrated, customized approach for specialty drugs underscoring value of effective payer strategies.
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“Off-the-shelf” market access solutions that fail to meet the specific needs of life science companies can now be replaced by customized programs that transform opportunities for product commercialization – especially rare disease drugs and emerging gene therapies. Today, these tailored and integrated programs provide extensive resources for biotech manufacturers with a promising pipeline which may not have internal market access resources.

By providing a complete, integrated solution, from pre-commercialization and market access to distribution and fulfillment, compliance and monitoring for optimized patient outcomes, the AscellaHealth Family of Companies enables partners to realize costs savings and ease the administrative burden. A single source of market access guidance and data addresses all aspects of the pathway to commercialization, including payer advisory boards and support for clinical trials, all the way through drug launch and distribution, as well as post-launch clinical and compliance initiatives.

Navigating the Payer Landscape

An intensified focus on new product development of specialty and/or orphan drugs further underscores the value of our experience and deep bench strength with specialty pharmacy, emphasis on personalized care for patients with rare or chronic disease and long-standing relationships with payers. We work collaboratively with manufacturers to create an effective payer strategy that reflects a true appreciation of the market forces and insight into a drug’s value and competitive landscape.

Few if any market access solutions embody this unique skill set for knowing how and why payers make specialty treatment product coverage decisions to achieve a balance of clinical and economic value.

Pursuing our patient-first mission and dedication to improved outcomes for individuals facing a rare/orphan or complex disease, we successfully establish the economic justification for a specialty drug and develop value-based framework assessments that are of growing importance to both public and private payers. This work will be provided by our subsidiary, Optime Care, a widely-recognized specialty pharmacy, distribution and patient management organization maximizing therapeutic opportunities for the treatment of orphan and rare disorders.

Today, we are bringing the benefits of these solutions to manufacturers and individuals worldwide. The AscellaHealth Family of Companies subsidiary, Ireland-based Terebellum, is expanding into Germany and the United Kingdom. Terebellum offers premier pre-commercialization and market access expertise, supply chain logistics and distribution and unique pharmaceutical financial solutions, such as loan-based assistance to Life Sciences partners and other industry stakeholders. This expansion strengthens the European arm of The AscellaHealth Family of Companies, serving key European markets and companies that seek guidance on launching in the United States.

Flexible Options

Our expert market access team can partner on a project basis or can function as an outsourced unit to address the entire set of market access challenges. Manufacturers rely upon us for specific activities or choose to engage us to work alongside the existing market access team. We have the experience and cross-functional expertise to optimize access, with a keen understanding of every stakeholder’s unique definition of value and how these expectations impact a specific brand throughout the product lifecycle.

The results of our effective market access programs are threefold:

  • Patients gain trust in branded products as optimal access, affordability and outcomes are achieved.
  • Key stakeholders develop a level of trust in the product, including providers who can confidently prescribe and administer treatments knowing patients have access; payers spanning employers, private and public health plans that pay for them; and researchers and investors who contribute to innovation.
  • Government regulators issuing treatment approvals and monitoring utilization.

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