Dedicated Care Coordinators Improve Diagnostic Journey, Foster Market Access, Enhance Patient Experience

Disease management program that features a dedicated team of patient care coordinators for patients with undiagnosed medical condition or rare diseases.
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People living with an undiagnosed medical condition or rare disease can benefit from a specific disease management program that features a dedicated team of patient care coordinators who offer personalized guidance. These branded teams foster deep patient relationships and help patients struggling to get a clear diagnosis.

This is important because approximately 28% of rare disease patients said it took seven or more years to get an accurate diagnosis, and 38% said they received a misdiagnosis during the diagnostic journey.

An accurate diagnosis is the first step toward appropriately managing a rare disease, followed by the identification of specific resources and interventions that will contribute to the best possible clinical outcome.

Once a patient is empowered with a diagnosis, he or she can rely upon Optime Care’s specialty pharmacists to provide an elevated level of customized care. This includes improving patient access and affordability to medications and managing side effects to increase compliance and adherence to therapy.

Market Access

For specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers, custom specialty pharmacy programs help ensure that products are readily accessed by prescribed patients, and that drug therapy is monitored for effectiveness, compliance and adherence to treatment. For specialty and rare disease patients, it is critically important to consider the continued utilization and rising costs of specialty agents, and high touch support services involving patient-first partnerships that ensure adherence to treatment.

Our robust, patient-first solution optimizes care management even before diagnosis to help patients gain access to high-cost therapies for complex conditions and rare diseases, while optimizing health outcomes. The marketplace trend for manufacturer partners is to move away from multiple big box vendors and choose instead an all-inclusive vendor which has deep expertise and can provide personalized care for patients with rare disease.

High-Touch Support for Enhanced Outcomes

Our dedicated team members are in frequent communication with patients and their families to ensure compliance and positive outcomes. We offer technology-based patient engagement strategies to align with each patient’s preference, such as phone, text or email.

With a focus on all major specialty conditions and rare diseases, Optime Care offers extensive payer expertise, pre-commercialization solutions and customizable clinical and therapy management programs to improve outcomes.

Our patient-first approach to care coordination hastens the diagnostic process and delivers the “human touch” that has gone missing in today’s technological age.

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