Unveiling Progress: NeuroSolv Therapeutics’ Path to Advancing Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

The evolution of spinal cord injury treatments through groundbreaking science.
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In the realm of possible medical breakthroughs, NeuroSolv Therapeutics stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to propelling the evolution of spinal cord injury treatments through groundbreaking science. As we recognize the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) World Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Day which was September 5th, 2023, we are honored to spotlight our strategic partnership with NeuroSolv Therapeutics and their promising therapy, Perineline™.

NeuroSolv Therapeutics' Inspiring Journey: A Catalyst for Change

Ros Lynch’s life underwent a profound transformation resulting from a diving accident in 2015 that left him paralyzed from the chest down. Choosing not to give into despair, he teamed up with his father, Aidan Lynch, to embark on an unwavering mission to find answers and safer treatments. This collaborative journey gave rise to NeuroSolv Therapeutics and its spinal cord recovery drug therapy, Perineline™. With the power to reshape the lives of millions grappling with paralysis, this treatment potentially marks a significant stride forward.

A Global Challenge, A Singular Solution

Globally, between 250,000 and 500,000 people, each year experience the challenges of SCI, their lives dramatically altered. NeuroSolv Therapeutics recognizes the crucial need for science to bridge the gap in spinal cord injury treatments. Perineline™ seeks to restore the flow of signals from the brain to the body, offering a real chance for patients to regain independence and restore their lives.

Paving the Path Forward

NeuroSolv Therapeutics has made significant strides in the research and development of Perineline™, over the past eight years. Rigorous laboratory testing has yielded unprecedented results, leading to its recent designation as an Orphan Designated drug by the European Medicines Agency. Collaborations with world-renowned spinal trauma centers have set the stage for imminent large-scale clinical trials. These trials, set to launch later this year, mark a pivotal step toward realizing the potential of Perineline™ to rewrite the script on paralysis.

A Single-Source Partner: Collaborating with NeuroSolv Therapeutics

AscellaHealth, a global Healthcare & Specialty Pharmacy solutions company, serves as a single resource for companies like NeuroSolv Therapeutics, providing strategic expertise throughout the entire product life cycle, from clinical trial and pre-commercialization through product launch, market access, distribution and beyond. Our end-to-end, uniquely tailored solutions for patients, life science manufacturers, payers and providers, designed to streamline the commercialization of specialty and rare disease products, and optimize clinical health outcomes, support NeuroSolv Therapeutics' mission to enhance the quality of life amongst spinal cord injury patients throughout the world.

As we support ISCoS World SCI Day, we embrace the opportunity to support and share NeuroSolv Therapeutics' journey and vision. The very essence of ISCoS's global advocacy resonates with our shared mission: to reshape lives, restore hope and redefine possibilities.

Contact Aidan Lynch, CEO & President of NeuroSolv Therapeutics at aidan.lynch@neurosolvtherapeutics.com to help support bringing Perineline™ to market or to discuss partnership opportunities.

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